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"Avrion! much is given, much is required. If your going to do something give it your all!" As her mother would say, pushing her to pursue her dreams being a creative. For as long as she could remember, to be innovative has always been a trait that genuinely gave her fulfillment. After completion of high school, filled with so much optimism, she was accepted to International Art Institute of Kansas City, Ks for Bachelor's in Graphic Design after two semesters of completion life had other plans for her journey due to the loss of her oldest brother and no more funding left in her scholarship, leading to drop out of school. Fast-forward, months passed without creating, from one simple post on Facebook lead to inquires and it was then that at the time business name DesignsbyAvrion was born. With unexpected growth, exposure, and rebranding in 2023 DesignsbyAvrion officially evolved into Avrion TM.


Old Design 

Current Design 

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She'll be the first to admit being your rebellious creative of everyday artifacts is not an easy task, yet so rewarding! Rather wanting your perfect custom piece. An amazing street, commercial or residential mural, rest assured everything that Avrion gets a chance to get her hands on is sure to be a conversation starter in your space. From these methods over 70 five star reviews on Facebook, apart of documentaries, over 300 commissions all over the country, along with 20 (and counting)  murals in the Kansas City metropolitan area!

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